It is the Second Era of Human Expansion. The invention of the 2nd generation stardrive made it possible for humanity to surge forth once more, setting their sights beyond the core worlds that had already been settled at unspeakable expense.

What followed next was opportunity, then tragedy, then reconciliation. Having banded together to punish the atrocities of the transhumanists, the remaining prominent human factions signed the Barnard Accords. There were worlds enough for all, it was hoped, and no need for the conflict that came of being bottled up within Earth and the nearby core.

Then we met the Sagitarrians, the Denebians, the Orions. We were not first amongst the stars; our first footsteps fell upon worlds that were already tombs. We plundered their discarded knowledge, and brought forth new creations of our own. We spliced the thread of DNA with our own desires, and created supermen in our own image. Many were lost to the dangerous of space travel; some were found, and others we wished we hadn’t.

The infospace that permeated all human worlds was nearly destroyed, and it took the reluctant strength of the detachments decades to bring the disconnected colonies back into a coherent whole. Order has been restored once again, but there is no telling how long the stars will remain quiet before a long-lost tragedy becomes the catalyst a new period yet to come….

The setting for this game was built by playing the Microscope RPG – here is the full timeline of the Second Age of Human Expansion.

Orion's Reach

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