First Wave of FTL expansion

2025 Third World War ends; global recession continues although global GDP increases rapidly with onset of molecular manufacturing, rise of East African Treaty Organization (future Bethlehem Group)
2027 U.S. military presence on Luna turned over to civilian control. Exploitation of inner system resources accelerates deflationary pressures on global economy.
2033 Joint Earth Space Authority (JESA) founded to coordinate NASA, ESA, CNSA, ISRO, ROSCOSMOS, EASA efforts.
2037 First successful White-Alcubierre warp ship (USS Clermont) built.
2041 First exploratory FTL ship (JESAS Challenger) launched for Tau Ceti.
2050 Alpha Centauri LLC launches ACSS Raleigh (under Seychelles charter) to terraform, colonize Alpha Centauri V.
2061 Ideological transhumanists launch colony ship for Sirius.

Humanity begins a second age of FTL expansion

2068 Creation and discovery of first sentient robot
2077 Founding of Cyberdyne Corporation.
2082 Cyberdyne pioneers synthetic humans; Synthetic creation banned in Bethlehem Group countries, China, India, most Moslem countries (except Bangladesh).
2093 Lunarian Union dedicates Sixth Detatchment as its contribution to Joint Earth Defense Initiative during increased tension with Sirian transhumanists.
2102 Manumitted Synthetics form Helvetius to work for non-human rights; become de facto negotiators between transhumanists and humans.
2103 Invention of singularity drive increases efficiency and speed of FTL engines by an order of magnitude.
2097-2106 Sirian Ascension (transhumanist bionic faction) conquers worlds, is exterminated
2106 Barnard Accord establishes protocols of exploration

Age of space disasters

2112 Starliner Galileo is lost and then found
2128 Sagittarians destroy Alpha Centauri fleet
2133 End of planet F313

  • Skirmish between Orion Empire and Joint Earth Defense Initiative, arbitrated by Helvetius. What happened to F313? Teleported away due to misuse of precursor technology.
  • Incident crystallizes long-running human suspicion of synthetics; many synthetics blamed for various space disasters (some rightfully: dollar-pinching spacelines hire gene-drifted synthetics on cheap indentures as pilots, maintenance techs, etc.).
  • Incident leads to founding of Xenomercantile Exchange by core human worlds to handle trade and technology exchange negotiations with alien species.

2130s Lunarians develop adapted breed of space pilots
2139 Orion invasion of core human worlds

Genetic golden age

2142 Genetic superman General Xu defeats Orions, saves Earth, establishes Bonapartist dictatorship; Lunarian Union and Alpha Centauri LLC begin cooperation as counterweight to Joint Earth Directorate (“Earthgov”)

  • Joint Earth Defense Initiative vessel Maynard captures a live Orion. What are the Orions? Energy beings.

2145 First contact with Pleiadians; Xenomercantile Exchange negotiates use of crystal-matrix infospace designs; neutral zone established.
2147 ESAXAB discovers evidence of hyperspace entity.
2100s? Hyperspace entity genetically engineers human susceptibility to psionic control

  • Why does Leonid conceal the hyperspace entity? To save the 3rd generation of Lunarian pilots if humanity cannot do it themselves

2148 Synthetic lifeforms’ (both Synthetics and robots) rights curtailed by Earthgov, Lunarian Union, Tau Ceti, similar to previously established law on Procyon; Synthetics and robots are both property and stockholders in Cyberdyne (human slavery illegal on Epsilon Eridani, but “long term indenture” or “corporate mortgage” remains legal).
2148 Xenomercantile Exchange denies Denebians access to human genetic technology, millions of Denebians die before they can develop a treatment themselves
2150s Second generation Lunarian pilots prove unstable, flaw “repaired” in 3rd generation
2153 The Rationalization; United Earth proclaimed by Director Xu; ESAXAB folded into General Xu’s government with the rest of global national and transnational bureaucracies, becomes The Order

Era of forced settlements

2145-2200 Rival supermen exiled by Xu to distant worlds
2145-2200 Robot diaspora – robots sent to work on colonies by central planners
2150s-2240s Helvetius provides exile-facilitation services to Synthetics leaving core worlds.
2171 Denebian spy ring discovered infiltrating Altair archaeological research station. The Order breaks the Denebians’ spy ring.
2184 Director Xu dies; replaced by the Committee (not genetic supermen)
2185 Alpha Centauri and Tau Ceti withdraw from Xenomercantile Exchange.
2188 Blockade of Capella colony by Earthgov.

  • Boarding of the free trader The Falling Knife. What was in the cargo that they seized? Orion power armor and its pilot escaped to Capella.
  • The last two space marines crashing onto Capella. Who survived? Commanding officer Sgt. McCormick, dragging his dead soldier into the escape pod.

2189-2192 Space marines adapt tech from armor for use by humans
2192 Mutiny of detachment on Procyon ends expansion of Earthgov power over human core.

Trade war with Orion Empire

2185 Trade War begins after disintegration of Xenomercantile Exchange and breakdown of Human Common Market negotiations; descendants of 2nd generation Lunar pilots serve as mercenaries
2185-2202 Pleiadians invade neutral zone against detachment resistance
2190 Cyberdyne corners market on precursor teleport technology
2191 Spicans found in the midst of three human colonies
2203 Formal union of Lunarian Union and Alpha Centauri in Treaty of Chiron
2218 Formal end of Trade War, principles of repatriation and recharge settled by Treaty of Rigel; isolated actions continue

Cybernetic Gilded Age

2200-2250 Widespread adoption of power armor, robot soldiers turns tide of battles with Orions; robotic/cybernetic economy increasingly isolated from market pressures as scarcity dwindles across human worlds
2220-2240 Robot-managed colonies fall under sphere of influence of Gliesians
2247 Robot revolt on seven human colonies spreads to Gliesian-controlled worlds; Gliesian expansion checked by Gliesian Robot Wars
2251 Synthetic rights restored on Earth, across most of human space
2263 Detachments (primarily Chironian, but with ships from all human worlds) under Haile S. Anson defeat alien robot star destroyer fleet at Battle of Antares
2271 Uploading of ancient library on Zeta Reticuli crashes infospace

Interregnum Humanorum

2269-2295 Wars all across human colonized space crash interstellar economy

  • Colonial detachments stay true to charter and refuse to participate in the human-on-human conflict

2272 First joint human/Pleiadian colony

  • What did the humans give up? Psionics and access to the infospace.

2272 Sudden death of Admiral-President Anson causes lengthy period of stasis and gridlock in Chironian Union
2280-2310 Crews dispatched from various colonies to build competing shadownets
2324 Gliesian expansion resumes into human colonial space
2353 United Earth bicentennial
2356-2359 Tau Ceti University attempts and fails to memetically unify human space
2368 Chironian Union establishes military supremacy over colonial space; enforces general peace.

2371 The present.

Rise of the Psionic Institutes

  1. Descendants of F313 teleport onto every human world to teach psionics
    1. Why did the Order hunt the 313s? Hyperspace entity told them that the 313s are a threat to the Order.
  2. Tau Ceti faculty give refuge to 313s, Psionic Institutes develop
  3. Psionic Institute breakthroughs crack Cyberdyne’s teleport monopoly
  4. Cyberdyne gives Denebians access to exclusive teleport tech to help in fight against Psionic Institutes
  5. Denebians force out the Psionic Institutes
  6. Pleiadian homeworld seeded with terraforming microbes
  7. New Pleiades armada destroys Luna
    1. How did the Pleiadians destroy Luna? Invasion force seeded in old lunar mines resonated the planet apart.

Final war with the Orion Empire

  1. Advent of Corotian nanotechnology leads to collapse of human manufacturing sector
  2. Synthetic collective cybertech gives humanity an edge
    1. Why did the synthetics help humanity? They are having trouble reproducing, needed the research of the Psionic Institutes to create mentally stable offspring.
  3. F313 discovered

An accord is reached for a lasting peace

  1. Sixth detachment refuses to stand down
  2. Denebians draw out hyperspace entity into the concordat


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