New Axom

The world New Axom (capital city Kor) has been isolated from human civilization for the better part of 200 years. Founded in 2108 by the Bethlehem Group primarily as a mining endeavor, the planet was enveloped by a brutal ion storm in 2126 which rendered almost all technical gear worthless due to the EMP shockwave that preceded the storm. A relief mission was deemed to be too risky at the time due to Sagittarian activity in the region – after the Sagittarian threat died down a convoy was dispatched but was intercepted by an Orion task force just as the first war was breaking out.

In 2152 a memetic war breaks out, contact all but lost.

In 2360 contact is reestablished via a tenuous FTL link, and the colony pays out its bond by dumping a huge load of lanthanide on the open market. The local government is considered to retain 49% control, meaning it practically has autonomy under Bethlehem Group SOP.

The government is a monarchy with a strong theocratic bent on top of a caste system, with the monarch always adopting the name Aisha; this structure is considered to be highly resistant to memetic alteration and may have been adopted as a way of limiting the fallout of the 2152 conflict.

New Axom society appears (from the outside) to be divided into three rough groups. A religious aristocracy sits at the top, centered in the Temple District of Kor. Beneath that are the majority of Kor’s residents who make up something resembling a middle class – mostly those of East African descent. At the bottom is the remainder of the urban undersclass and all those who dwell outside of Kor in various mining towns and outlying settlements. Cultural rigidity appears to be the strongest in the rural regions, as the compact nature of city life makes it difficult to maintain the kind of homogeneity and static tradition which seems to have developed in the wake of the 2152 memetic conflict.

New Axom

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