Primary organization of independent Synthetics, based on Gamma Virginis. Officially, γ Virginis is owned by Cyberdyne; Cyberdyne leases the system to Helvetius for one Earth credit (before 2153, one Swiss franc) per year. Helvetius owns a considerable share of Cyberdyne stock (held in blind trust), from which earnings it primarily funds its operations.

Founded as a self-help organization along strongly communal, long-project lines, Helvetius acts as an unofficial “home government representative” for Synthetics on all worlds in all states of legal indenture, servitude, etc.

Helvetius works in non-violent, long-term ways to further equal rights for Synthetics and humans on all worlds; this often also includes alliances and activism for robot rights, AI rights, etc.

For about a century (2150-2250), Helvetius operated an “underground railroad” to bring Synthetics out of unfriendly jurisdictions and resettle them on Epsilon Eridani or γ Virginis. With the widespread achievement of equal Synthetic rights in the core and on most human worlds, the Exile Facilitation program has been de-emphasized.

Helvetius remains strictly neutral in all other issues and conflicts: this reputation has made it the de facto arbitreur of many human-alien (and human-human) treaties, agreements, etc: on worlds with non-central justice provision, and on human worlds recognizing independent arbitrators, Helvetius is a recognized justice provision and arbitration brand.

No Helvetius member is allowed to accept any gift or payment for any service, or to receive any portion of a fine or settlement; the Helvetius organization provides for their needs. Some worlds pay Helvetius a stipend for justice provision.


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