Corporation founded in 2077 by Yoshihara Sankar, a roboticist at the University of Dhaka. It developed robots and human-computer interface technologies; Cyberdyne invented the Synthetics.

The Sirian Ascension transhumanist movement depended heavily on Cyberdyne systems for its installed technologies; Sankar was crucial in reverse-engineering weapons to destroy the Sirian Ascension during the Sirian War.

As part of the Barnard Accord, Sankar and Cyberdyne were awarded the Sirian industrial colony around Epsilon Eridani, which has become Cyberdyne’s main factory and home world.

Cyberdyne remains a major contractor and developer of robots, powered armor, and other human-integrative technologies.

Cyberdyne currently holds the monopoly on teleport technology, derived from Precursor designs retrieved from Planet F313 before its disappearance.


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