Barnard Accord

Treaty signed in 2106 ending the Sirian War and establishing protocols for extrasolar development.

Original Barnard signatories:

ESAXAB “Antiquarian faction”; now part of Earthgov.
Pan Guangdan Institute of Ceres (genetic utopians); now part of Earthgov.
Cyberdyne Corporation; primary world now Epsilon Eridani
Bethlehem Group “Human expansionists”; military alliance of U.S., East African powers; primary world now New Providence around Procyon
Tau Ceti University

Lunarian Union; primary world Luna (and Uranian system); now part of Chironian Union
Alpha Centauri LLC “radical terraformers”; primary system Alpha Centauri; now part of Chironian Union

Discoverer of a world gets 51% of its resources but must codevelop with another charter holder or sublicensee

Barnard Accord

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