Species: Sagittarians
First contact: Loss of terraformer fleet
Notes: Despite the construction of detailed first contact protocols, humanity’s initial encouter with the Sagittarians proved disastrous when a terraformer explorer fleet was almost completely annihilated without a single communication between the two species. Since then we have learned that this was not an act of unbridled aggression but rather an example of the diversity of alien life. The Sagittarians are one or more hive-mind consciousnesses, and view individual beings within a hive much as we would hair or skin cells. They considered the removal of the fleet from their space as nothing more than telling a child to not touch a hot stove; instructional but not malicious.

Although rudimentary communications protocols have been established in case of emergency, human pilots are advised to give Sagittarian space and even individual vessels a wide berth.

Species: Orions
First contact: Disappearance of planet F313
Notes: A race of discorporeal energy beings, controlling a significant volume of known space. Of all alien species encountered during the Second Era, few are the equal of the Orion Empire in terms of territory, technological achievement, or tenacity in dealing with other sentient species. As documented by the Antiquarian faction (before its repurposing as an “consulting body” to Xu’s regime), there have been several Orion Empires over the centuries. How and why one Empire falls and another rises is far from clear, despite the excavation of dozens of archaeological sites. Humanity had three major conflicts with the Orions during the Second Era, culminating in the establishment of a long-term peace and the Human-Orion Colloquium.

Species: Denebians
First contact: Undefined
Notes: Shapeshifting species which was decimated by plague shortly after first contact with humanity. When access to human genetic manipulation technology was denied to them, antagonistic relations have been the norm ever since.

Species: Pleiadians
First contact: Undefined
Notes: Silicon-based lifeforms with a sizeable sphere of influence bordering human space. A violation of the neutral zone between the two civilizations was eventually repelled by the Joint Earth Defense Initiative, and eventually relations improved to the point that a joint colonial venture was launched during the Interregnum. This would prove to be a fleeting high point, as the reconstructed colonial authority would later implement a campaign of destructive terraforming against the Pleiadian homeworld – which was answered by the New Pleiades armada in the form of the obliteration of Luna.

Species: Spicans
First contact: Revelation of Spican carriers in the colonies
Notes: Spicans are a symbiotic life form with the ability to bond to a number of biocompatible species. Joined organisms enjoy a certain degree of emotional and mental continuity across pairings, but almost all coherent memories are lost in the process.

Species: Gliesians
First contact: Undefined
Notes: Low-gravity, inflatable-deltoid photosynthetic creatures who (in the wild) only become intelligent during the mating season; now upgrade their own intelligence chemically. Eagerly bought human robots as miners. They live on the innermost edges of stellar habitable zones: rocky, hot worlds; natural spacefarers, naturally competitive and expansionistic, as each sept of Gliesians wants to keep a whole world for itself.

Species: Corotians
First contact: Undefined
Notes: Corotians are the only known species to operate at the (relative to other lifeforms) micro scale. Theories abound as to how such an organism could develop to sentience, but no persuasive theories have been validated as of yet. Corotian micro- and nano-manufacturing technologies were revolutionary when introduced to the galactic market, so much so that the human economy underwent a very painful restructuring when they could not remain competitive.


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