Orion's Reach

Orion's Reach - Game Date 10/14/2013

Having exhausted other more direct approaches to the problem of reaching the archaeological black site undetected, the captain’s team hits upon the notion of co-opting the native intelligence dwelling in Koh’s World’s planetary computer system. Schelle Green devises flash-mob steganography to make contact with the entity, and it responds positively by giving JBIII a sizeable payout at the casino. Jackpot! So, with the offer of emancipation in exchange for help and information on the table, Lucid Conundrum decides that the best place to meet the transhuman AI is on Koh’s island. The captain arranges an invitation, and heads to the island with Lucid and Cold Ocean accompanying him on the submarine, and Bishop piloting. The captain took advantage of the native prejudices against synthetic life, aping transhumanist rhetoric to have the two robotic crew members admitted to the fete as extensions of himself. While Cold Ocean remained with the captain at the feast proper, Lucid Conundrum took the walking tour of the grounds, eventually finding an access point to commune with the A.I. (I’ll refer to as 2501). Meanwhile, at the party proper, Cold Ocean and Borza both fail to notice a doppelganger of Lucid Conundrum in attendance. This is only discovered at the end of the mission, when reunited and ready to board the information on how to thwart the defenses leading to the archaeological site as well as knowledge on the Gleisian robot spies at the conference (delegation from U.S.S. Lake Mead) and Kerchetov’s contact on the planet (Dr. Poly, the highly guarded head of medicine and cyber-medical department, probably of key import to Koh’s longevity regimen). When it comes time to hand over the data chip from 2501 to the captain, Cold Ocean remembers having already received it from Lucid Conundrum. Both chips are identical, and contain bits of data from 2501, giving the impression that 2501 will grow unchecked if released from his current network restraints. One of my theories (Zach’s, let’s say that it’s Sharon’s or Rhoane’s, if they are privy, otherwise, we can attribute it to communal character Lucid Conundrum) is that the reason for the Tau Ceti ship’s purposeful sabotage is to use it as a trap for 2501; once it can be lured onto the ship, it will either be held ransom in exchanged for considerations/concessions from Sun Min, or will be spirited away for study, with the side effect of crippling the planetary government. 2501 revealed that it was ignorant of the black site, by human design, and that this makes it a likely location for its physical, literal brain.

In case anyone was wondering, in light of the doppelganger incident, with the two Lucids and the artificial artificials’ memories, Lucid’s identity was verified by physically decontaminating him and analyzing the dirt and planetary detritus on him to match up with that of the Tau Ceti planet we were on prior to Koh’s world (yay Captain Zach). Also, Borza is down a courage point after this side quest.


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