KA-25 "Tincan"

Most common power armor in human space


Absorbs 31 damage per hit
Can sustain 121 damage before failure


The most common model of power armor found in human space, in no small part due to the leak of its specifications and assembly parameters to infospace by an unknown party. As a result, almost anyone with access to the necessary raw materials and a fabrication facility can crank these out at will. Any decent military force will have access to something more advanced, usually incorporating some sort of active assist technology, as these armors are worth no more than a few moments breathing room when taking fire from Orion soldiers or similarly equipped opposition.

Numerous individuals have attempted to tweak the basic KA-25 design in the last 50 years, although usually to the detriment of the armor’s famous reliability. The KA-25v is probably the most common derivation, adding vacuum seals and a basic life-support system to allow the use of the armor in depressurized environments.

KA-25 "Tincan"

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