Lucid Conundrum

Robotic infotech bridge officer


Strength 5 (0)
Agility 8 (1)
Intellect 12 (
3), favored
Vitality 9 (1)
Presence 5 (0)
Perception 12 (
3), favored

Quickness 3
Savvy 3
Stamina 1
Willpower 3, favored

Initiative 3
Defense 8

Courage 3 (3)
Renown 0
Health 9/9/9/9/9/9

Athletics +2, Computer Use (Invasion, Retrieval) +10, Construct +1, Systems Engineering (Computer, Sensors) +5, Culture (Robotic) +9, History (Infospace) +7, Politics (Robot/human relations) +7, Observe +6, Energy Weapons +4, System Operations (Operations, Command) +10, Unarmed Combat +2


Lucid is 95 years old, one of three siblings created by a quartet of robots on a Gliesian-controlled world. His two siblings, Harmonious Discord and Fractal Rigidity, are both casualties of the Zeta Reticuli incident that crashed infospace almost 80 years go. Discord was one of the lead researches on the upload project – he died when the primarily uplink site was destroyed from orbit in an attempt to halt the incursion. Fractal Rigidity was part of a salvage team decommissioning one of the compromised router hubs roughly five years after the Zeta Reticuli incident. His ship was attacked by Orion raiders, all hands lost.

Lucid has spent much of his life as an “connectivity redundancy consultant”, which is a fancy way of saying he hired out his services to colonies or factions wanting to setup darknet nodes while the things that passed for government at the time tried to get the “official” infospace up and running again. It was during this time that he had a long-term (5 years) assignment with a Tau Ceti University branch campus, and also when he made contact with someone who told him that his sibling Fractal Rigidity was alive.

The message was passed along via darknet routing, making it very difficult for even Lucid to track. Eventually he teased out that his correspondent had supposedly escaped from some kind of high-security research outpost, tucked away in the asteroid belt of an uncharted system. His story of black-ops research involving information warfare and the Zeta Reticuli code was completely unverifiable – except that he had an excerpt of Fractal Rigidity’s identity checksum. Lucid made plans to meet with his contact in person, but after relaying the proof of life his correspondent was never heard from again.

Lucid Conundrum

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