Dr. Alan Everett

Chief Medical Officer of the TCUS Hamilton O Smith


Strength 6 (0)
Agility 5 (0)
Intellect 11 (2), favored
Vitality 8 (
Presence 11 (2), favored
Perception 9 (

Quickness 3
Savvy 2
Stamina 1, favored
Willpower 2

Initiative 3
Defense 7

Courage 3 (3)
Renown 0
Health 8/8/8/8/8/8

Computer Use (Retrieval) +2, Craft (Sculpture) +1, Entertain (Drama) +3, First Aid (Human Anatomy) +8, Investigate +3, Culture (Old Earth) +6, History (Alien Contacts) +6, Politics (Tau Ceti University) +6, Specific World (F313) +8, Chinese +3, Medicine (Forensic Pathology) +10, Energy Weapons +1, Repair +1, Life Science (Biology, Genetics) +6, System Operation (Medical) +5


Born and raised on Tau Ceti, Alan has known nothing else but the life inside academia until now. His parents, Katheryn and Lucinda Everett, are both senior administrators with the university; Katheryn is a vice-provost of special projects while Lucinda holds a a chair in astrophysics.

Alan was pretty sure that would be his life too….right up until it wasn’t. He wants to see the worlds, explore the possibilities beyond Tau Ceti before he settles down to a comfortable life in a hospital or medical research lab. And as for the woman he left (not technically at the altar), he hopes she’s understanding of that too.

Dr. Alan Everett

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