Internal security AI for the CUSN Bellerophon


After the Bellerophon crashed into New Axom, Dakini was the only functioning intellect on the ship and took command of the situation in the year that followed. She placed four members into life-support pods, although was unable to properly configure the pods and power supply that feeds them; as a result, only Sgt. Jiang R. McMahon and Lt. Bob Smith managed to survive long enough to be rescued by the crew of the Hamilton O. Smith.

Emergency medical services notwithstanding, Dakini has done an excellent job of securing the perimeter of the crash site against looters. An array of ground- and air-based drones patrol the area at all times, using an improvised thorium reactor as a sustainable power source (supplemented by solar panels where possible).

Dakini has promoted Sgt. McMahon to commanding officer of the Bellerophon, and requires his authorization to allow anyone access to the crash site.



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