Chris "Gamble" Hamilton

A solder with a secret in his genes


Strength 10 (2)
Agility 13 (
3), favored
Intellect 10 (2)
Vitality 12 (
Presence 11 (2)
Perception 10 (

Quickness 5, favored
Savvy 2
Stamina 3
Willpower 3

Initiative 5
Defense 10

Courage 3 (3)
Renown 0
Health 14/14/14/14/14/14


Chris doesn’t remember much about Gamma Crucis 3, the world where he was born. A young colony, it had to be evacuated due to a metorite impact – the nearest detachment of space marines were too late to avert the impact, but were able to evacuate over 60% of the population safely.

Chris decided to repay that debt on his 17th birthday and enlisted in the local detachment. He was an outstanding cadet who rose to the top of his class and was quickly tagged as being destined for an elite posting in the special forces. The night before he was to graduate, however, a man wearing an unfamiliar uniform appeared in his bunk. He told Chris that there were…circumstances…surrounding his achievements and his remarkable natural talent. Prescreening for his special forces assignment had noticed an anomaly in his genetic makeup, and it was that anomaly which would make him a marked man if he continued with the marines. His genotype wasn’t one of the common ones, or the uncommons, or even the top-of-the-line makeovers that only the richest of the core worlds had.

That night, Chris was told that he could never travel the core worlds, or allow his genotype to be fully sequenced by anything that could be traced back to him. It would send up “red flags”, as his mysterious visitor called them, and from there he would be hunted down by men who did that sort of thing for a living. Instead, Chris was offered an honorable discharge under circumstances that would be swept under the rug, and a few recommendations of discreet mercenary outfits that would take him in.

Taking nothing more with him than a bag of personal effects and a nickname he had gotten from a short leave trip to New Vegas, Chris Hamilton walked away from what he thought would be a simple an honorable life into the unknown of the space. The first few mercenary outfits didn’t agree with him, so a contract with Tau Ceti University seemed a good way to clear his head and decide if this whole thing was bullshit and see if he could be taken back into the fold…

Chris "Gamble" Hamilton

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