Orion's Reach

Synthetic Loyalty

Wherein Kerchetov's Sudden and Inevitable Betrayal is Thwarted

The crew, having intercepted Dr. Kerchetov’s communications with Marya, have uncovered that the Synthetic doctor is plotting something in the next few hours. The Captain convenes a meeting of the senior staff (and Rhoane) to determine the best course of action going forward. It is decided that Zeitsev will lean on Marya, leveraging her loyalty to Tau Ceti against Kerchetov’s willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve his ends. A tentative agreement is struck to gain her cooperation against Kerchetov, along with being put in the loop regarding the ‘Covenant Warheads’ and having her continue Kerchetov’s work in developing a ghosting device using, among other things, the Warheads.

Kerchetov is taken down by JB III and his security forces, and in his last ditch attempt to activate his plan, the involvement of two more Synthetic crew members is uncovered.



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